Our Story

Drawing inspiration from California’s Coastline Culture, our nutritional bars bring together high quality ingredients that are crafted into tasty and nutritious treats in the heart of America’s Finest City, SAN DIEGO.

Created out of San Diego’s active lifestyle and healthy living, our founder used his background in exercise science and nutrition to create a product that has the best taste, texture, and nutritional value. SD Bars combine superfood ingredients, yielding the ultimate macronutrient profile in a delicious, fresh, and simple nutrition bar to thrive on!

Our Story


SD Bar covers all bases, we sacrifice profit for quality ingredients. Our bars are all NATURAL and RAW, VEGAN and GF. Raw foods have functional "live" enzymes that help with digestion and absorption of nutrients. Our bars have 10g of naturally occurring proteins from non-processed, wholesome ingredients without any powders or isolates. The BEST part is that SD bars have ZERO added sugars! The sweetness comes from the naturally occurring fruit sugars which in combination with 4g of natural fibers, prevent any insulin spike and will give you a consistent, long-lasting stream of energy!

Our mission is to help inspire as many people as possible to be physically fit and live a balanced, energetic, and revolutionary lifestyle, as well as feeding our people the healthiest, freshest, and best tasting nutritional bars to ever exist.

Thank you for all your support, Please Enjoy!

With Love,

SD Bars Team


We are from the community and work for the community

SD Bars gives back to our community by supporting educational, sports, and fitness initiatives through the San Diego Parks Foundation. Please visit their website and consider supporting our mission to improve San Diego’s underserved parks and communities. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

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